Monday, July 11, 2011

Aussie Fashion Wish List - Black & Navy

Online shopping in Ireland can be expensive.

When buying online from a supplier outside of the EU, on top of the price of the item, you can expect to pay:

1) Customs Duty. - Customs duty is calculated by Customs on the TOTAL cost of the clothing. They add together the purchase price, + any insurance, + freight costs. On this total figure they charge Customs duties of 12%.Duty on footwear depends on the material the footwear is made of. It's usually between 9% and 15%Customs duty does not usually apply to clothes or shoes under €150 total cost.
 2) V.A.T. - After adding the customs duty to the total cost of the clothing, they then add V.A.T.@ 21% on the after Customs duty figure.
(Quoted from

These extra charges suck. And they can be expensive. Trust me - I found out the hard way through a revolveclothing order.

And so, I'm using my trip to Sydney to stock up on items from my favourite and sorely missed Aussie stores!

I've got a huge wish list, so I'll just post part 1 for now:

Australian Fashion Wish List

From the list above, I've already bought the Diana Ferrari shoes, and the Country Road jeggings. Both items are extremely comfortable to wear.

Some more pics of the Diana Ferrari heels:

Side view. Love the heels and the cut out.
Bought them on sale. Score!

More Aussie wishlists to come soon!


  1. those shoes, TO die for! oh my gosh i love the slits in the side :) you have such cute style!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx


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