Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dressing for Ireland. AKA boots...heels...boots...?

The Irish weather has been typically...Irish lately.

I seem to write a lot about the weather, but you really can see all four seasons in one day here, which makes it a bit difficult to decide what to wear!

I rely entirely on layers now. A typical outfit would be a short sleeved or sleeveless top, cardigan, scarf, jacket, with sunnies, beanie and umbrella in my handbag.

For the first year in Dublin, I refused to buy peep-toe shoes - I didn't see the point as there would only be a few occasions I could wear them without getting cold/wet toes.

Then I decided...life is too short to worry about wet toes, and bought these Ted Baker heels:

Ted Baker Keanah Heels
I wore them to a wedding last month, and was looking forward to wearing them again last weekend, when the weather turned awful. Friday was miserable and chilly, which meant there was nothing else to do but pull out my Moovboots.

MoovBooting it
However - Saturday turned out to be a lovely 22 degrees (can we say heatwave #2 for the year?), so I could wear my Ted Bakers out on Saturday after all!

TFNC dress, Penneys belt, Ted Baker heels.

We've got another night out planned for Cork this coming weekend...we'll see if it turns out to be a boots or heels night!

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