Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend cash-splash

Well, this has been quite an expensive weekend! 

The spending started innocently enough when I purchased this Tortel skirt from Mango...

Tortel skirt from Mango
...then the costs slowed added up as we ate out and ordered take away for lunch and dinner on Saturday. (Nandos for lunch, chicken and chips for dinner...I know, terribly unhealthy...)

On Sunday, we headed into the city for lunch at one of my favourite Dublin cafes, Coppinger Row:
Coppinger Row, Dublin
Coppinger Row, Dublin

Open meatball sandwich, Cod croquettes, and a side of fries.. YUM

After lunch we wondered around the city and ended up on Henry St, where I purchased a Canon digital SLR camera. 

I wanted an entry level digital SLR that wasn't too pricey, but would still allow me to try out 'proper' photography to see if it could be something I'd be interested in.

Canon EOS 1000D photo from here

I ended up purchasing the Canon EOS 1000D model. It was cheap as digital SLR's go, but still took a big chunk out of my paycheck! 

I've already annoyed J by using him as a test subject, so I've turned my attention to the orchids in our dining room. Two of my first photos below:

Hopefully this means I'll be able to take better quality photos for this blog - IF I'm able to get my head around all these dials!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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