Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things I've learnt while living in Ireland...

Things I've learnt while living in Ireland:

  • It is possible to drive a manual car without stressing and stalling
  • Irish people are so nice that if you reverse into their BMW they'll just smile and wave you on
  • Curry sauce and hot chips is yummy (yes, CURRY sauce - not gravy!)
  • Hurling is a sport, not something you do after a big night out

A hurling match

  • When someone says "Your one over there" they simply mean "that woman over there", they don't actually mean that you somehow own said woman. Same goes for "Your man."
  • When you need the police you should call the Garda
  • Always bring a beanie, umbrella, scarf and sunglasses with you everywhere...regardless of what the weather forecast says.
  • You can't order fancy shots or mixed drinks in a bar/pub/club (unless you're at a cocktail bar). Instead, if you want a 'Vodka and orange', you'll need to order a shot of vodka in a glass and a separate bottle of OJ and mix it yourself! I haven't quite figured out how to order a vodka raspberry yet..!

No OOTD as I'm in a boring grey work shift dress, so in keeping with the Irish theme I'll leave you with a shot of an Irish pub:

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